As a front-end developer, Kenneth Dillard spent the last seventeen years spearheading the updating of the official website for the College of American Pathologists—the leading organization for pathologists. In his time there, Kenneth worked with multiple content management systems including Documentum, Oracle UCM, WordPress, and with a variety of other technologies (Zurb Foundation, GitHub, etc.) to ensure relevant and current content was posted for use by CAP’s audience on various Web channels. He also utilized tools such as PhotoShop

When not working for the CAP, Kenneth the last seven years partnering with a local Hall of Fame DJ in running both a weekly and month dance in the Chicago area. Through a combination of building a website, taking photographs at events, and DJ’ing on various nights, Kenneth has lead the way in finding new and inventive ways to market to—and market for—the local west coast swing dance community.

How good is Kenneth? As Luke Kyper, founder and CEO of LKJgroup, Inc, says, “If you’re looking for a company (person) who’s serious about making things happen for you, Kenneth is it. He is punctual, friendly and professional.”

A former co-worker of Kenneth’s offers his insight: “I have known Ken(neth) professionally for over 10 years. I have both worked with him on the same team and on different teams. He gets things done quickly, accurately, and he knows his stuff inside and out. He is also a fun person to work with, one of my favorite colleagues.”